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Family Cooking

Welcome to Health and Wellness for Children

A Community of Passionate Educators and Learners

At Health and Wellness for Children, we are committed to helping you develop a better understanding and relationship with food. Get the personal attention and support you need to for your child to live their healthiest life, and discover the joy of eating well.  We invite you to learn more about Health and Wellness for Children and discover an education built for you.


Learn the importance of Healthy eating in Children.

Nutrition is key to living a long and healthy life. Learn the importance of healthy eating promotion in children, the benefits of a healthy diet and the most important nutrients during their growth and development.


Healthy Kid Friendly Recipes


Childhood Obesity

Get Involved

Learn about the prevalence of obesity for children and why it is important to help prevent it for your children.


Physical Activity for Children 

Along with eating healthy, physical activity is just as important for children. Learn why and how you can get your children to spend more time moving and less time sitting.

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Physical activity for Children Page


Health as a Family

Health is important for everyone in your family. Learn why and how your entire family can impact your child.

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Learn about us 

Changing the World

As nutrition students it is our goal to provide the most accurate information in hopes of helping families grow, learn and live a happy and healthier life. Learn about us and what drives our passion for helping others.

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